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NAVIGATOR GPS Navigating systems. All for men.

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  Название: Navigator GPS Navigating systems
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Логотип NAVIGATOR GPS Navigating systems All for men в Харькове
Automobile and personal navigation. GPS navigators, an Ukraine map, Kharkov, Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa, Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk and others.
in our shop you will find all necessary for connection and use of system of satellite navigation (GPS) in Ukraine, Kharkov and other regions. We will offer you the best prices, wide assortment, and also high and qualitative service.
  Адрес: Ukraine, Kharkov, street Shevchenko 331А
  Район: Kiev
  Режим работы: ---
  Телефон, факс: 8(057) 758-42-65, 761-02-31, 773-74-93
  E-mail, WWW contact@mobilekharkov.com, www.mobilekharkov.com
Navigator GPS offers:

GPS Navigators on the basis of a handheld computer and Kommunikatorov
Cards GPS
GPS Navigators - multimedia
GPS for regular avto navigation/TVs
Tracking systems
Flash cards
Auto accessories, Tuning, Ksenon, Chambers
iPnone and accessories

In our shop you nejdete all necessary for connection and use of system of satellite navigation (GPS) in Ukraine, Kharkov and other regions. We will offer you the best prices, wide assortment, and also high and qualitative service. GPS navigators. get navigators only with the quality symbol!
The quality symbol guarantees to you: 100 % working capacity of the navigator, cамые fresh cards, free updating of cards and ON, exact definition of co-ordinates, a guarantee and full service.

Sputnik the navigation system (GPS) allows to define your site to within 3 metres in any point of globe. GPS works and in territory of Ukraine. Thanks to ours GPS to cards you receive high-quality service for satellite navigation, with possibility of definition of an arrangement on a card, automatic tracking, search of settlements and addresses in a city, avtomatichesukju a route lining, vocal helps about turns (the electronic navigator).

At us you will find GPS navigators and cards of cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Lutsk, Lvov, Nikolaev, Odessa, Poltava, Sevastopol, Simferopol, Kherson, Khmelnitskiy, CHerkass, Uzhgorod, Exactly, Ivano-Frankovsk, Kirovograd, Zhitomir, Chernovtsy, Lugansk, Sumy, Chernigov, Yalta and other cities. And also Russia maps and Europe.

System GPS Use absolutely free of charge! Everything, that is necessary for you, it to get the necessary equipment (for example, the automobile navigator) and cards of cities interesting you. It is all well in our navigating complete sets.

How works GPS?

GPS is an abbreviation of the standard name of global navigating system of definition of a site, Global Positioning System. Such operating systems in the world while two - Russian GLONASS and American Navstar which frequently name simply GPS. Shortly the system of global positioning plans to start and Europe.

Each of such systems includes grouping nizkoorbitalnyh navigating companions, land means of tracking and management and the diversified accepting devices for definition of co-ordinates. Main principle of system - definition of a site by measurement of distances to object from points with known co-ordinates - companions. The distance is calculated on time of a delay of distribution of a signal of a parcel from the companion to the receiver. That is for definition of three-dimensional co-ordinates the device needs to know position of three companions. Indications from four - for elimination of the error caused by a difference between hours of the companion and the receiver are in practice used.

For today completely only American system of global positioning Navstar is functional. It includes 28 artificial companions (for a full covering of all Earth enough 24).

As system GPS is arranged and works

Workings out of concept NAVSTAR GPS (NAVigation Satellite Timing And Ranging Global Positioning System) have begun 1973 the radio navigating systems Advanced on that moment (RNS), land Loran-C and Omega and satellite (SNS) Transit have ceased to meet requirements of military men concerning accuracy, vsepogodnosti, round-the-clock work and a cover zone. In February, 1978 first experimental companion GPS has been started. About civil application GPS have widely started talking in 1983 after accident of the South Korean air liner which has been brought down over Kuriles. President Reagan has proclaimed, that system GPS should become accessible to everyone.

System GPS gives two types of service: SPS - standard accuracy (for civil users) and PPS - high accuracy (for military men). At system engineering, accuracy SPS in 100 m was considered sufficient for the civil purposes. In process of tests it has appeared, that subsystem SPS is more exact, than it was supposed. For preservation of advantage of high accuracy for military men, since March, 1990 has been entered a mode "access restrictions " SA (Selective Availability), it is artificial reducing accuracy civil GPS.

The system has received baptism of fire during operation "the Storm in desert ". By then enough companions have not been started yet. It was required to maneuver available, for maintenance of a round-the-clock covering of a zone of operations. It is interesting, that in September, 1989 the firm "MAGELLAN SYSTEMS CORP. " Has let out receiver GPS - "NAV-1000M " - for application the military purposes, and has been chosen by 10 NATO member states as the supplier of receivers. More than 3000 receivers of type "NAV-1000M " along with the other were used the USA and Forces of the Coalition during war in Persian gulf. Overland divisions and marines were then, basically, are completed nosimymi by the single-channel receivers similar civil, and not capable to accept signals of high accuracy. It has been decided to disconnect for the period of operations mode SA that gave the chance usings high accuracy as well to the opponent.

To the middle of 1993 in orbits there were already 24 companions, there is enough for continuous navigation in any point of the Earth. Definitive input of system in operation declared only in July, 1995

In 1996 President Clinton has confirmed, that the system working on money of the American tax bearers, and next century will render the services to civil users all over the world. It is declared, that till 2006 the mode "access restrictions " will be eliminated. The US president reserves the right to reduce accuracy of signals GPS in case of threat of national safety.

System GPS consists of three parts: space, land and the user equipment.

The space part is the 24 companions rotating on 6 orbits. An inclination of orbits to terrestrial equator - 55 hailstones., a corner between planes of orbits - 60 hailstones. Height of orbits of 20180 km., a cycle time - 12 ch. Capacity of the satellite transmitter 50 Vt. With input in a system of advanced companions, frequent losses of signals remained in the past. Companions GPS are capable, moving to fill a gap in system (if one of them has failed). The important element of the companion is an atomic clock, rubidic and caesium, on four on everyone. Companions are identified by number PRN (Pseudo Random Number) which is displayed on receiver GPS.

Land part GPS consists of 4 stations of tracking located on tropical islands. They trace visible companions and data transfer to the Main station (MCS) management and the control on an air base to Colorado Springs for processing on difficult computer program models. These data sets are called efemeridami. Through land stations data are transferred back to companions, and then the companion transfers to their receivers GPS.

How receiver GPS defines the position?

System GPS uses a way of definition on range to the reference points-companions, defined by means of a pseudo-casual code. For this purpose the receiver generates the internal code at the same time that it precisely duplicated a companion code. The receiver compares a difference in time between reception of a corresponding part of a satellite code to the same part of the code. Knowing shift on time and speed of distribution of radio-waves, the receiver receives distance to the companion, named pseudo-range, and on two distances can define the exact position. Why "pseudo "? The problem in being convinced, that pseudo-casual codes of the receiver and the companion are generated simultaneously. From the companion here complexities are not present. Hours of the companion very exact also are corrected on signals from the Earth. Hours of the receiver are less exact, besides, delays of distribution of a signal in an ionosphere, troposphere etc. create a total error. For its correction GPS uses measurement of range from the third companion.

At definition of two-dimensional co-ordinates on two circles of equal distances the receiver "does not know ", whether there is it actually on them or not. For example, if hours of the receiver lag behind, the true position will be closer, but in each case proportionally is closer to each of companions. Entering a line of position from 3rd companion, we can receive unequivocal result. Receiver GPS has the program which takes the information for three lines of position and solves it algebraically. These calculations give the decision of three equations for three unknown persons: longitudes, widths and errors of hours. That is why 3 companions are necessary for definition of two-dimensional co-ordinates, 4 - for three-dimensional at least

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