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JANGUL, OPEN COMPANY. Protection and safety.

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  Название: JANGUL, the Society with limited liability
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Логотип JANGUL, OPEN COMPANY Protection and safety в Харькове
Sale of modern display seals. 30 names Production. Label seals, plastic, metal, power - all our seals Are established only once. Each seal has individual, accurately Distinguishable, never repeating number. Widespread lead seals not Provide due level of protection of the sealed up objects. A print on a lead seal Can be easily forged by means of new plombiratora. Individual number of the modern Seals are excluded by possibility of its fake and substitution.
  Адрес: Ukraine, Kharkov, street Poltava shljah, д.52, к.11
  Район: M.Juzhnyj's item station
  Режим работы: there are no data
  Телефон, факс: (057 7517308, (067 5713037
(057 7123337, (050 3447609
  E-mail, WWW director@yangul.com.ua, www.yangul.com.ua, www.plomba.org.ua

Open Company "JANGUL " - the transport forwarding agent, on the instructions of the client is planned, we organise and we provide cargo transportation according to the contract on granting of transport-forwarding services.

We carry out following functions:
- We provide optimum transport service, and also we organise transportation of cargoes by motor transport by territory of Ukraine and the foreign states according to conditions of contracts (contracts);
- We supervise transportation process;
- We charter national, foreign vehicles and it is provided their giving in ports, on warehouses, railway stations, terminals or other objects for timely departure of cargoes;
- We carry out transportation of cargoes;
- We carry out insurance of cargoes and the responsibility;
- We organise protection of cargoes during their transportation, transfer and storage;
- We carry out registration of the commodity-transport documentation and its sending to destination;
- We provide preparation and the additional equipment of vehicles and cargoes, it agree requirements of is standard legal certificates concerning activity of a corresponding type of transport;
- We carry out calculations with the transport organisations for transportation, transfer of cargoes;
- We give the prepared transport which has the additional equipment it agree requirements of the consignor, the legislation of Ukraine;
- We give transport-forwarding services another auxiliary and accompanying transportations which are provided by the contract transport ekspedirovanija and do not contradict the legislation of Ukraine.

All our seals are established only once. Each seal has individual, accurately distinguishable, never repeating number. Widespread lead seals do not provide due level of protection sealed up Objects. The print on a lead seal can be easily forged by means of the new plombiratora. Individual number of a modern seal excludes possibility of its fake and Substitutions.


Ukraine, Kharkov

Potapov Andrey Nikolaevich, the director
+38(057) 7517308
+38(050) 3447609
E-mail: director@yangul.com.ua
ICQ 352547433

Bondarenko Rushanija Abdulhakovna, the bookkeeper
+38(057) 7123337
E-mail: buh@yangul.com.ua

Rezanova Svetlana Jurevna, the manager
+38(057) 7123337
+38(095) 1171865
E-mail: transport@yangul.com.ua
ICQ 433296852

Grebennik Elena Aleksandrovna, the manager
+38(057) 7123337
+38(067) 5713037
E-mail: transport@yangul.com.ua
ICQ 274104779

Ukraine, AR Crimea, Krasnoperekopsk

Manko Valentina Petrovna, the manager
+38(06565) 25099
+38(050) 3447880
E-mail: transport@yangul.com.ua
ICQ 238040070

Seals and plombirovochnye devices

Modern means of sealing, sealing up, safety indicators

The control - the basic function which was always assigned to a seal. As a rule, all companies, to some extent, test problems the safety connected with maintenance and safeties of objects and cargoes, at their storage and transportation. One of effective ways of the decision of these problems is application of modern, reliable means of sealing and indication at which correct use, the full control of access can be provided by the minimum efforts and expenses.

Using sealing means, we solve following problems:
- Safety maintenance tovaromaterialnyh values;
- Quality observance tovaromaterialnyh values;
- Trade mark protection, identification of authenticity, quality tovaromaterialnyh values;
- Improvement of system of the account;
- Control strengthening;
- Increase and differentiation of responsibility of the personnel.

High quality of production, the careful target control on manufacture, convenience and simplicity in operation, and together with it and a competitive price, do modern seals, safety indicators by the favourable decision for business.

All about seals

Many heads at all do not suspect, how many secrets of business preserved by them can become property of publicity thanks to mere curiosity of any cleaner, the courier, the watchman or the careless employee. The closed office, locks on desktop boxes, a box with diskettes - all it, as they say, from fair people. It is meanwhile already developed a lot of inexpensive and rather effective remedies for protection against actions of unfair employees and restriction of not authorised access to objects about which we while even do not suspect.

Some premises and are sealed up today by primitive enough way - by means of a piece of a thread, a slice of plasticine and the metal or plastic press. Not less archaic variant - use as sealing up adaptations of a paper and glue. The sealing wax press, probably, and is younger than the predecessors, but its reliability not much more above.

Lack at the listed ways of sealing and sealing up one - they not in a condition to complicate penetration into a premise, and they can be restored, doing penetration imperceptible for the owner of an office.

Rather recently in sealing business there was a present break. Thanks to the newest workings out of several leading American and English manufacturers there were essentially new seals and sealing up devices which do not authorised access practically impossible.

Seals happen different

First of all appearance of a seal has changed. One can copy the weighty metal lock and as a matter of fact play its role. And another - to represent plastic homutik which can be hung up both on the diplomat, and on a bag with money, and for a folder with confidential documents.

All seals are united by one property - they can be used only once. To get rid of a seal it is possible only having torn it or having destroyed. Usually it can be made hands. And only in power seals for this purpose it is necessary to apply special adaptations - kusachki or boltorezy.

Developers have given special attention to work on giving to each seal of uniqueness and originality. It becomes that the seal could not be forged, changed or copied, and it is reached by the most different ways. For example, by marks - the seal name, the firm-manufacturer name, individual number.

Occurrence in the market of many tens kinds of seals has expanded sphere of their application. Began possible to seal up practically all. First of all cargoes during transportation, doors in offices, premises and warehouses with material assets are, of course, sealed up.

Office Protection

At office at desire it is possible to seal up all. If you do not want, that in your absence someone was interested in contents of your table, it is possible to put plastic seals minirevilasil on its drawers.

Documents are usually stored in folders or on diskettes. It is possible to lock them in a case. But who will give a guarantee, what someone will not have near at hand a master key? Plastic seals the Pool Fly will help here again. But the main thing at office is, certainly, doors. For their protection it is possible to choose a seal to the taste: display - plastic, metal or combined which will fix not authorised penetration, or power for which overcoming effort in some tons and special kusachki (Meter Velv can be demanded). And it is possible to use in general special device Revilasil which closes access to a secret of the lock and it is sealed up by disposable number seals Envopolisil. Here no master key with the duplicate will help.

The Film with a secret

But far not all at office can be sealed up hinged seals. In this case it is recommended to use special samoklejushchiesja seals of label SK. In appearance they differ nothing from usual films unless there are warning inscriptions, like: "it is cautious! It is sealed up! Not authorised opening is forbidden! " But behind this prevention there is quite obvious threat for the potential malefactor: if someone tries to unstick such film instantly on it the inscription "Opened " ("will be shown Is opened "). The range of application of self-glued seals with a secret is rather extensive. For example, protective adhesive tape SK becomes irreplaceable at moving - boxes with values and expensive technics are sealed up.

The Package which will be not not opened with the stranger

Sometimes there is a necessity to send any documents or values with the courier. It is clear, that it would be desirable to save things, both from direct plunder, and with excessive curiosity. For increase of feeling of responsibility and treatment from similar temptation there is no, apparently, the best means, than special disposable packages Sekjurpak. Made of polyethylene, they have one remarkable feature - at opening attempt the special valve collapses and on it special symbols "STOP " are shown. Everything, the package is not subject to restoration, and the fact of attempt of access is visually fixed.

In the same number special bags for confidential papers. They are sealed up by disposable number seal Envopolisil. Bags are made of a strong material and long years serve the owners, preserving their secrets.

The Invisible marker One more necessary thing at office - an ultra-violet marker (the Uf-marker and the Uf-lamp). And it is necessary for such prosaic thing as inventory.

It is possible on-starinke to deduce a paint accession number on furniture and devices. And it is possible to put labels invisible to an eye on everything, beginning from a case and a set for writing-materials and finishing diskettes and even handles. Such marks do not spoil appearance of a thing, but during receivership proceeding it is simply irreplaceable. If you had disagreements with colleagues from the next office about the one to whom belong a chair or diskettes, it is enough to you to light to the place of a label an ultra-violet radiator. Minus invisible inventarizatora - in fragility of colourless labels. But also here developers have tried. One of ways of prolongation of period of validity of labels - labels SK.

Not to beat and not to overturn

Frequently to owners of the fragile goods spoilt by transportation happens very difficult to prove the fact of disorder of loaders and drivers. Here not to do without special samoklejushchihsja disposable indicators.

One - SHokvotch - is intended for definition of the fact of blow or cargo falling. And different updatings of the indicator react to different overloads. Its colouring in red light becomes a signal for check of safety of cargo. By the same principle indicator Tiltvotch intended for definition of the fact of revolution of cargo operates. It is painted in red light at a deviation of cargo from vertical position more than on 80 degrees. It is clear, that with such adaptations to make a complaint to a carrier much easier.

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